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The benefits of trees to a community are more than just providing shade and enhancing the look of the area.  Trees reduce air pollution, cool the air and aid in reducing surface runoff, one of the main causes of water pollution.

The City of Weston maintains a tree inventory, which assesses the vegetation structure, function and value of the trees and shrubs that are located on city property, such as parks, facilities, swales and right of ways.  The data from 34,573 trees were first analyzed in 2016 using the i-Tree Eco model developed by the U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station. The tree inventory helps the City to identify the value of the urban forest in terms of replacement (structural value), as well as the functional values that the urban forest accomplishes in Weston.

The tree canopy is a wise infrastructure investment for cities, as governments look to find ways to prevent climate change and improve public health.  At the time of the comprehensive analysis in 2016, Weston's tree canopy had a structural value of $23.7 million; removes almost 7 tons of air pollution annually (a value of $67.4 thousand); provided surface runoff at a value of $64.6 thousand; and provides a value of $900 thousand in carbon storage.


  • 34,573 Trees
  • 238.45 Acres of Tree Canopy
  • 4,936 Ficus Benjamina Trees
  • 38% are Trees Native to Florida
  • 6.741 Tons of Air Pollution Eliminated Annually
  • 1,100 Tons of Oxygen Produced Annually
  • $23.7 Million Structural (Replacement) Value
    12 of 104 Species are Identified as Invasive
  • Reduced Surface Runoff (which contributes to pollution of waterways) by 966,000 cubic feet/year

*Data and estimated values based on iTree Eco methodology (2016).

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