Storm Preparedness Around Your Home

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Power Outages

Even though many utility lines are buried underground throughout Weston, electricity can still be impacted during any storm.  Visit to access Florida Power & Light's storm related information.

Generator Safety

If you have a generator, be sure to have it ready to go (tested and fueled up) before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Watch is issued and have the additional fuel supply.  Do not use a generator inside or in a closed area such as a garage or patio.  

Food Safety

It is important to have enough non-perishable foods for your family.  It is also a good idea to freeze water bags or gallon jugs to help keep fresh food items chilled following an extended power outage.

Quart bags filled with water and frozen flat easily line coolers in the event of a power outage. After the storm, discard questionable items that may have spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.  It only takes four hours of lost power for food to spoil.  When in doubt, throw it out.

Pool Preparations

Prepare your pool by lowering the water level (no more than 2 feet) and adding extra chlorine to prevent contamination.  Do not drain the pool or put pool furniture in the pool.  Be sure to turn off the power to the pool pump and remove the pump and store indoors, if possible. 

Tips to Keep in Mind as a Storm Approaches

  1. Protect your windows.If you have shutters, put them up. If not, plan to cover windows with plywood secured to your home’s exterior walls. Do not use masking tape or duct tape, as it is not effective.
  2. Bring loose items inside, including any lawn furniture, BBQ grills, garbage/recycling carts, hanging plants, etc. that may be picked up by the wind.
  3. Do not trim trees prior to a storm’s arrival.Piles of branches will become projectiles and garbage/trash pickup may be postponed during high winds.
  4. Fill gas tanks in your vehicles and have cash on hand to last for several days.ATMs, will not work when the power is out and some stores and gas stations may only take cash due to lack of power and phone service.
  5. Review your family plan and ensure that your disaster kit is ready with enough water and food for each family member to last for 3 – 5 days.
  6. Be sure to have adequate prescription medications. And don't forget about the special needs of infants, the elderly, the disabled & pets.
  7. Gather your important papers, including insurance policies, and place them in plastic bags or other waterproof material and keep them with you.
  8. Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent them from being blown off tracks.
  9. Check for loose rain gutters and down spouts.
  10.  Turn refrigerators and freezers to maximum cold setting.  If you are evacuating, remove all food items that may spoil & leak during a power outage.  Turn off ice maker and empty all loose ice cubes to avoid water damage.
  11. Disinfect a bathtub in your home and fill it with water to use for washing dishes and flushing toilets.
  12. Check city advisories before placing garbage and recycling carts out once a Hurricane Watch is issued.  Garbage service will be suspended in advance of the storm and items left out become dangerous projectiles.