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Common Issues for Water Utility Customers

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Important Information for Water Utility Customers in Weston

  • Privately Offered Service Contracts for Water Lines
    There are a variety of companies that frequently send information to residents offering service contracts/ protection programs for water lines.  The City of Weston maintains and is responsible for the water service line running from the street to your water meter.  The City does not endorse or recommend any private company, program or individual.
  • Cross Connection Control Program (Backflow device)
    A cross connection is any connection or potential connection between a drinking water supply system and any source on non-drinkable liquid, solid or gas.  Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction from its normal intended flow, thus causing water from the customer's premises to enter the public water supply system via a cross connection. 

The Cross Connection Control Program proactively protects the public water supply from  potential contamination.  

Common Issues with Water Service

No water coming in the house

  • Check to see if your house's main water valve is open, allowing water to flow into the house.  Oftentimes landscapers or maintenance workers may have turned it off.  Location is usually on the side of the house.

  • Call the City of Sunrise Customer Service at 954-746-3232 to see if it was shut off for non-payment.

Water meter leaking

  • If the leakage is in the water system between the meter and your house, you need to contact a plumber.

  • If the actual meter is leaking, call Weston Public Works Services Center at 954-385-2600.

Water has a brownish color

  • If it is mainly the hot water, have the water heater inspected.
  • If you have a filter/filtration system, ensure the filter has been changed.
  • Let the water run for a minute. If it continues, call Public Works at 954-385-2600

How to Report a Drainage Problem

  • Inside a gated community or Homeowner Association community, contact your homeowner or maintenance association.
  • On a public or main road, contact the City of Weston Public Works Department at 954-385-2600 or email

Sewer Blockages / Backup

For problems concerning sewer lines backing up in your home, please call the City of Weston prior to calling a plumber so we can first determine whether or not the problem is on the City's side or the property owner’s side.  If the problem is found to be on the City’s side, City staff will clear the line. This first step in calling the City is important and will determine the responsible party (City or property owner).

If the blockage is determined to be on the property owner’s side of the system, you will be advised to call your own plumber.

Report a Sewer Backup or Issue to:

City of Weston Public Works Department


Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday  7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

For After Hours Emergencies (Evenings, weekends, and holidays):


For the Bonaventure area of Weston, please call the City of Sunrise at 954-746-3232.

The first question that will be asked is, "Is your whole house backed up, or just one area?"

This will help staff to determine if the blockage is outside the structure or not. If the problem appears to be in your house, you will be instructed to call a plumber. If the issue appears to be between the house/building and point of connection, Public Works personnel will make a reasonable effort to locate the problem through the following steps:

  1. The main line will be checked first to find the possible blockage and clear it, if possible.
  2. If you can provide us with access to your line (via a cleanout) we will attempt to check  the line for you to try and find the location of the blockage. If the blockage is on your side (before the property line) you will be informed to call a plumber. Should the blockage be on the City’s side, our personnel will take steps to correct the problem.
  3. In the event you do not have a cleanout, we will not be able to enter the line to determine the location of the blockage. You will be instructed to call a plumber.

Is there a cost if I call the City about a sewer backup and it is determined that the problem is not on the City’s side?  No.   There is no charge for calling the City to investigate even if the problem is found to be the responsibility of the property owner/occupant; however, if a problem is found to be on the City’s side and a plumber has initiated work prior to contacting the City’s Public Works Services Center, then the City of Weston will not be liable for the plumber’s expenses or bill.