Residential Bulk Trash Collection

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Weston residents receive four bulk trash collections annually. Collection is made by Republic Services, the provider of garbage and recycling collection.

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The free Bulk Trash Pickup will occur on your regularly scheduled garbage day as follows:

FY 2020 Single Family Homes and Multi-Family Units with Curbside Collection Multi-Family Units with Dumpsters
January Wed., Jan. 15th / Thur., Jan. 16th / Fri., Jan. 17th Sat., Jan. 18th
April Wed., April 15th / Thur., April 16th / Fri., April 17th Sat., April 18th
July Wed., July 15th / Thur., July 16th / Fri., July 17th Sat., July 18th
October Wed. , Oct. 14th / Thur., Oct. 15th / Fri., Oct. 16th Sat., Oct. 17th

Bulk items include, but are not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses and carpets and other large household items
  • Large and small appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines, and stoves.
  • Refrigerators or air conditioners must have Freon removed by a certified dealer.
  • Mirrors, glass, glass tabletops, windowpanes, and plate glass items should be safely placed in a rigid container to facilitate safe collection.
  • Items not picked up on your collection day, will be picked up the following day.

NOT COLLECTED:  Bulk items DO NOT include contractor-generated material, or household hazardous waste (HHW) including televisions or electronics, see below for disposal of HHW.

Details about Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk items should be placed at or near the same location where your regular garbage is collected by 7:00 AM on the day of your bulk collection service.  Ensure your garbage cart can still be collected, as the cart should have a clearance of three (3) feet on each side. 

Do not place bulk items near overhead obstructions, trees, mailboxes, or automobiles.  Do not place bulk items inside commercial container enclosures, in front of commercial containers, behind gates, or in any manner that would limit the regular garbage service you receive.  Items not picked up on your collection day will be picked up the following day.

If you have any questions regarding the placement of bulk trash items, please contact Republic Services at 954-583-1830.

Broward County Drop Off Center for Yard and Bulk Waste

The Broward County Drop Off Center for Yard and Bulk Waste is also available to Weston Residents.

In addition to the quarterly free residential bulk waste collections scheduled by the City, Weston residents can drop off their bulk waste at the Broward County drop off location, located at:

5490 Reese Road
Davie, Florida
Saturdays, 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM

Weston residents can use this drop off location up to four times per month free of charge.

Proof of Residency Documentation Required:

  1. Current Driver's License/Photo ID; and
  2. Current utility bill (water, electric, cable or phone) and/or tax notice. The name and address must match.

Bring:  Bulky waste including furniture, appliances and yard waste and electronics.

Do Not Bring:  Garbage, explosives, radioactive waste, bodily waste, dead animals, propane tanks or tires.

Large loads:  If you have an exceptionally large amount of bulk waste, please call Customer Service at 954-765-4999 prior to arrival.

The following vehicles are prohibited at stations:

  • Larger than full size (1 ton) pickup
  • Truck bed longer than 8'
  • Truck bed wider than 6'
  • Commercial vehicles
  • All modified truck beds
  • Open trailers longer than 8'
  • Enclosed trailers longer than 8'

Sign-Up for Solid Waste Management Facility Notifications

Broward County requires solid waste management facilities (including dumps, incinerators, resource recovery facilities, sanitary landfills or other facilities termed Significant Environmental Impact Facilities) to make email notifications of certain regulatory changes available to property owners within a four-mile radius of the facility. 

Sign up to receive the email notifications at

Think Before You Throw - Consider Donating Items

Help those in need, keep items out of the waste stream, and get a tax deduction.  Several national organizations will even pick-up directly from your residence - you don't have to wait for bulk pick-up day!

There are many local, well-established charitable organizations that readily accept donated items.  Don't forget pets - many pet shelters are in need of sheets and towels on a regular basis.

For more information, please call the City of Weston Public Works Service Center at 954-385-2600.