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Stormwater Management System

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Stormwater Management

In Weston, stormwater is managed through a system of interconnected lakes and canals which are regularly maintained by the City's Public Works Department.  Constant, unobstructed water flow through these water bodies, especially during storm events, is essential to prevent flooding.

Stormwater also enters the City's management system through catch basins (stormwater drains.) The City has a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, whereby each basin on the City's public rights-of-way is inspected once per year and obstructive debris from within is removed. Property owners are urged to keep catch basin grates on or adjacent to their property clear of tree limbs, palm fronds, leaves and any debris that may obstruct the flow of water into the basin.

It is a violation of City and state laws to dump trash or introduce pollutants into the City's water bodies and wetland mitigation areas.

 An overview of the City’s comprehensive stormwater management system:

Keep catch basins clean throughout the year to prevent localized flooding in your neighborhood.  Remember:  ONLY RAIN DOWN THE DRAIN.

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