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Flood Safety

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Flood Warnings

The City of Weston, in coordination with Broward County, has a warning system in place to alert residents to the potential of flooding and its dangers.  In the event of an emergency, Weston residents will be notified via:

Flood Safety Tips

Flooding is always a potential threat to due to South Florida's sub-tropical climate.  It is important to be prepared and to take precautionary measures to minimize potential property damage caused by flooding by taking a few, simple steps:

  • Turn off all electricity and natural gas.
  • Always have a battery-powered device (radio or television) or a NOAA weather radio to monitor storm and flood warning information issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Comply with officials when evacuation directions are given, usually by television, radio, or Code RED.
  • Weston is not in an evacuation zone; however, residents may choose to evacuate or go to a shelter in the event of a tropical storm such as a hurricane.  If you choose to evacuate, plan your route, as roadways may be impassable or indistinguishable from lakes due to flooding.
  • Have a disaster plan for your family.
  • Be especially careful when moving about in the dark in flooded areas, as it is difficult to distinguish roads from canals during severe flooding.

Flooding within Community Association Maintained Properties

Roadways (and their drainage systems) within private communities are owned and maintained by the community’s maintenance association, not the City of Weston.  Response to, and mitigation of, flooding that occurs within these private communities is the responsibility of the community’s management company or Homeowner's Association.  In the event that flooding is so severe that a structure may be compromised, property owners may call the City’s Department of Public Works at 954-385-2600.  Public Works staff will investigate the situation and determine if the cause of the flooding is the community’s drainage system or the City’s storm water management system, and take the appropriate action if any is needed.  The City does not perform work on privately-owned drainage systems.