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Public Works Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have a dead animal in my back yard/pool, can public works staff pick it up?
  • Are the herbicides safe for the environment?
  • Can I pay the city to fix my water line?
  • Can you check my water usage?
  • Can you recommend a plumber?
  • Do City of Weston residents get any discounts on flood insurance policies?
  • Do I need a licensed plumber?
  • Do I need flood insurance for my property?
  • Doesn’t my Homeowner’s Insurance policy cover flooding?
  • How do I replace my garbage can?
  • How do I report a street light out?
  • How is flooding prevented during the rainy season?
  • How is street flooding prevented?
  • I am a contractor and need a temporary meter to do pressure cleaning for several homes?
  • I can’t use any of the showers or sinks because something is blocking it, should I call a plumber or can the City help me?
  • I found an injured animal, what do I do?
  • I have a sewer backup, do I call a plumber?
  • I have a TV that I need to dispose of, can I dispose of it with my bulk trash?
  • I just remodeled and have a lot of refuse. Where can I dispose of this?
  • I need a letter for my insurance, showing that I live in a flood zone, who can I get this from?
  • I need to shut off my water, who would I need to speak to?
  • I’m concerned about the alligators I see in the lake, what should I do?
  • I’m moving to a new location within the City of Weston and need to move my service, who can do that for me?
  • My insurance company is requesting a flood zone determination letter, who do I talk to about this?
  • My lake bank has erosion. What can I do?
  • My meter box is full of water but I don’t know where is coming from, can someone come out and check?
  • My property is in the Special Flood Hazard Area, but my structure was built higher than the base flood elevation. How do I get it removed on the Special Flood Hazard Area on the map?
  • My street is flooding and the drain is clogged.
  • My toilet is backing up?
  • There is a leak in my house?
  • What are the chemicals you use?
  • What are the methods of spraying?
  • What causes fish kills?
  • What days are garbage and recycling picked up in my neighborhood?
  • What do I do if my garbage can is stolen?
  • What does it mean if I am in the Special Flood Hazard Area?
  • What FEMA flood zone is my property located in?
  • What if I called the plumber first and the issue is on the City’s side?
  • What types herbicides do you use to control the aquatic plants, and how long does it take to see results?
  • Where can I take bulk trash to in Weston or what is the closest place I can go to?
  • Who applies the chemicals?
  • Who do I call for a dead animal pick up?
  • Who do I report a School zone flashing lights that is not working to?
  • Who do I report a STOP or YIELD sign that has been knocked down?
  • Who do I report a traffic light that is not working to?
  • Who do I report graffiti to?
  • Who do I report street name sign that has been knocked down ?
  • Who would I report a cracked, elevated, or sunken sidewalk and potholes in the road to?
  • Why am I responsible for fixing my leaking house water line?
  • Why are you wasting all that water from the hydrant?
  • Why do some lakes have more vegetation than others?
  • Why do the city lakes have more growth during the summer months compared to the winter?
  • Why is my water bill so high?
  • Why is my water yellow?
  • I am calling from a title company and need a lien search on a water service account, who should I call?
  • Is a permit required to do work or project in the City of Weston Rights-of-way (streets)?
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