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Lake and Canal Maintenance

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The lakes and canals are part of the City’s overall stormwater drainage system, the City maintains a majority of the water bodies/lakes throughout Weston, including those located in private communities.

Along with the wetland preserves, Weston has 1,877 acres of lakes and canals which are also carefully maintained by the City. Residents often question the spraying of vegetation along the lake edges or want to see the "weeds" removed; however, the plantings in each area were put there for a specific purpose, whether to attract certain insects, birds and fish, or to provide nesting places for reproduction, or to provide a food supply for others. The City sprays the exotic weeds, which die, fall into the water and deteriorate, leaving only the native plants. Dead plant leaves and stems break down in the water to form small particles of enriched organic material.  This feeds many small aquatic insects, shellfish and small fish that are food for larger fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.

The vegetation along lakes and canals, also known as littoral shelves, is necessary for water quality, enabling Weston residents and visitors to enjoy pristine water conditions. Diverse vegetation pulls impurities from the water, like a filter, and releases oxygen and water into the atmosphere. 

For questions or concerns regarding lake maintenance, please call 954-385-2600. Lake maintenance issues can also be reported via email to the Public Works Department staff.