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Environmental Concerns

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Keep our environment clean, one drop at a time. 
Remember:  Only Rain Down the Storm Drain. 

If you witness illegal dumping, call the City of Weston's Environmental Response Line at:  954-519-1499.   After regular business hours, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief description of the concern.  An on-call staff member will return the call as soon as possible.  If the concern is considered to be an emergency, please call 911 and then 954-519-1499.

Please have the following information available before you call:

  1.  Your name, address, work and home telephone number (optional)
  2.  The nature of the complaint
  3.  When did the violation occur?  (Date and Time)
  4.  Where did the violation occur?  Include address, city and zip code (if known)
  5.  Who is the company or person committing this act?
  6.  Please provide any additional descriptions or background information that will enable     the Response Personnel to better understand the situation

Environmental Complaint
This term applies to any information regarding an alleged environmental violation or problem received from the public that falls within the jurisdiction of Department regulations. This excludes information regarding an emergency notification.

Emergency Notification
Self-reported notification of releases or problems required by either the Broward County Code or license.

It is a violation of City and state laws to dump trash or introduce pollutants into the City's water bodies and wetland mitigation areas.

  Types of Environmental Concerns Investigated by the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD) Concerns NOT Investigated by Broward County EPGMD
Air Quality
  • Odors
  • Noise from industrial, manufacturing, commercial/business, government facilities
  • Unconfined Emissions (e.g., dust, paint over spray) discharges
  • Visible Air Emissions
  • Improper Asbestos removal
  • Open burning without approval
  • Odors from restaurants
    Report unsafe or unsanitary conditions in a restaurant, caterer or mobile food unit to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 850-487-1395
    Additional resources available from the Florida Department of Health
  • Noise from restaurants/bars/nightclubs or residential areas; motor vehicles/boats; emergency equipment; safety devices
  • Contact Broward Sheriff's Office dispatch at 954-764-4357
  • Freon releases or information
    Contact U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at 800-296-1996
  • Indoor air pollution 
    Contact Florida Department of Health
Aquatic and Wetland Resources
  • Any activity in, on, under or over waters of Broward County
  • Impacts to wetlands, mangroves, and seagrass
  • Mangrove trimming, alteration, or removal
  • Dredging or filling in lakes, ponds, canals, etc.
  • Dock / seawall / boatlift installation, removal, repair or replacement
Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous material discharges
  • Hazardous Material Facilities
    • Auto body shops
    • Auto repair shops
    • Businesses which contain:
      • photo developing processes
      • emergency generators
      • small storage tanks
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Gasoline Stations
    • Hospitals
    • Manufacturers
    • Marinas
    • Electro Plating Cos.
    • Printing Cos.
    • Salvage yards
    • Medical facilities
    • Schools
  • Storage Tank Systems (e.g., gasoline stations)
  • Abandoned Drums
Water Resource Management
  • Discharges to storm drains and water bodies
  • Discharges of domestic wastewater (sewage)
  • Discharges of commercial or industrial wastewater
  • Fish kills
  • Drainage Systems/Flooding