Public Works and Utilities

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The City of Weston Public Works and Utilities Department is managed by Ravikanth 'Reddy' Chitepu, P.E. , Public Works Director.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of the City's infrastructure. The City infrastructure includes: all publicly owned roadways, sidewalks, bridges, traffic signs and street lights; city buildings and facilities; the stormwater management system, consisting of a complex network of the drainage structures, pipes, culverts, lakes, canals and pumping stations; over 200 miles of water transmission and distribution mains; approximately 200 miles of wastewater pipes and forcemains; wastewater lift stations; and wetland mitigation areas.

Additionally, the department also administers and oversees: the solid waste & recycling contract; the City's fleet maintenance program; Geographical Information System (GIS); and the National Flood Insurance Program.