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BSO Weston District Staffing

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Being a part of the Broward Sheriff's Office, the City of Weston is able to have the access to all of the specialized services offered by that agency.  This includes aviation, canine, mounted patrol, underwater rescue, bomb and arson, and SWAT.

The BSO Weston District Office operates 24 hours a day / seven days a week.  In total, there are 113 Weston personnel.  The City is divided into seven patrol zones, with twenty-four hour service being provided by the following complement:

  • District Commander (Chief)
  • Executive Officer/Lieutenant
  • Lieutenants
  • 11  Sergeants
  • Crime Strategies Team (CST) Sergeant
  • 1    Motorcycle Sergeant
  • 49  Deputies
  • 5 Crime Strategies Team (CST) Deputies
  • 6 Motor Deputies
  • 10 School Resource Deputies
  • 2 Crime Prevention Deputies
  • Criminal Investigations/Detectives Deputies
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Deputy
  • 1 Crime Analyst
  • 18 Community Service Aides
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Administrative Specialist

Community Strategies Team (CST)

In addition to the routine patrol complement, the City has partnered with the Sheriff to create the Community Strategies Team (CST). This unique concept is an analytically driven program that directs its crime prevention and criminal apprehension activities based upon the statistics generated within the City. The hours of the CST are purposely flexible to be able to provide either a constant or forceful response to those activities that threaten Weston's valued quality of life.

Dive Rescue

Twelve of Weston’s deputies are certified as public safety divers. Three certified divers will be available at all times and will carry equipment to search for and remove victims who could become trapped under water in lakes, canals or waterways.

Emergency Operations Center

The Administrative Services Center, located adjacent to the Police Services Center at 17230 Royal Palm Boulevard, houses the City's Emergency Operations Center.