The Fire Department is testing fire hydrants in the following area today:

  • Saddle Club Estates within Ranch Road, Paddock Lane and Saddle Lane

 Residents may notice a drop in pressure and yellow water when the tap is first turned on.  Let the water run until it runs clear.

Planning and Zoning / Development Services

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The Planning and Zoning / Development Services Department is managed by Sarah Sinatra Gould, AICP.  The department establishes and enforces development criteria such as setbacks, building heights, landscaping, and signs, to assure that Weston's unique appearance is preserved.  All plans for development, whether it is a new building or modification to an existing building require the review and approval of Planning and Zoning prior to the application for a building permit.

Planning and Zoning also includes Engineering, which establishes and enforces infrastructure criteria such as water, sewer, paving and drainage, and to archive and catalog this infrastructure within the City's GIS (Geographic Information System). 

Lastly, Traffic Engineering services include the creation and modification of City ordinances that regulate parking criteria as it relates to development, and the performance of studies to determine when and where traffic control devices are warranted.

The City of Weston contracts with the consulting engineering, surveying and planning firm of Calvin, Giordano and Associates, Inc., for development services, which include Planning and Zoning, Engineering, Tree Preservation and Traffic Engineering.