12/8/19, 8 p.m.: The Broward Sheriff’s Office has been working throughout this weekend investigating several social media posts made on Friday, December 6, 2019 and over this weekend against Cypress Bay High School.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has a plan in place to address these anonymous posts, to include additional staffing on Monday morning.  Per Captain Butler of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Weston District, “We take all threats seriously and anyone found having transmitted a threat will be prosecuted.”

On Friday night, threats were made involving Falcon Cove Middle School, which resulted in the arrest on Saturday of a 12 year-old middle school student.  

We urge parents to speak to children and teens about the serious nature of threats made on social media, and remind everyone if you SEE something, SAY something.  Always report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

Permitting Services

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The City of Weston enforces State and local regulations to promote safe standards for residential and commercial development. The City issues several permit types. The following is a list of common permit types within their respective divisions which will direct you to the City of Weston's ePermit Portal.

Please select a permit type below to link to information regarding the application process and required documentation.

Building Permits

Governed by: The Florida Building Code and Broward County

-  New Construction -  Fences
-  Additions -  Water Heaters
-  Alterations / Renovations -  Pergola
-  Windows and Doors -  Shutters
-  Re-Roof -  Pool
-  Air Conditioner -  Sign
Engineering Permits

Governed by: City of Weston Code of Ordinances

  Commercial / HOA
-  Driveway (Asphalt and Paver only) * -  Asphalt Repair/Milling & Paving
-  Underground Drainage -  Seal Coat and Striping
-  Water Meter  -  Sidewalk Repair
  -  Utility Boring
  -  Underground Drainage

  *New Construction and concrete driveways require a building permit

Landscape Permits

Governed by: City of Weston Code of Ordinances 

 Permits  Services
-  Tree Removal or Relocation -  Arborist Annual Registration
Planning and Zoning

Governed by: City of Weston Code of Ordinances

-  Certificate of Use -  Vacation Rental Registration
-  Special Event Permits -  Alcohol License
-  Site Plan Amendment (Major/Minor)
-  Extended Business Hours
  -  Outdoor Seating