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Safeguarding Your Landscape from Pests

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Insects are the key to a healthy habitat.  Eighty percent of animals eat insects or eat animals that feed on insects.  While we may be tempted to eliminate them, unwise use of pesticides can harm people, pets, beneficial organisms, and the environment.

Some pest management practices recommended by Broward County are:

  • Use pest-resistant plant varieties that can tolerate the conditions in your yard.
  • Go easy on water and fertilizer.  Using too much of either wastes time, money and causes excessive growth, which makes plants vulnerable to insects and disease.
  • Mow to the proper height and prune selectively.  When you mow your grass too short or over prune your trees it weakens them and invites pests.  Mow St. Augustine grass at the highest level of your lawn mower.

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