Requirements for Home-Based Businesses

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Chapter 80 of the City of Weston Code of Ordinances governs Home Occupations, also referred to as home-based businesses. 

The Code states:

A home occupation must be secondary to the use of the home for residential purposes, and a residential business office receipt is required.

No person(s) other than individuals residing in the dwelling shall be engaged in the business.

No employees or independent contractors of any type shall be permitted at the residence at any time in connection with the home occupation.

There shall be no display of goods, machinery, equipment or any performance of work visible or audible from any street or adjoining property.

There shall be no retail sales, repair, manufacturing or the storage of merchandise on the premises.

You may not have any sign identifying or providing information regarding the home occupation.

A home occupation may not generate excessive vehicular or pedestrian traffic to the residence.

Consultation with one individual at a time or providing individual instruction to one person at a time, shall be deemed a home occupation.

Group consultation or the giving of group instruction of any type shall be considered to be a business enterprise, not eligible for consideration as a home occupation.

No home occupation shall occupy more than 25% of the total floor area of the home, exclusive of any attached garage or open porch.

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