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Frequent Code Inquiries

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Can I fish in the lakes?

Florida state law allows fishing in any public body of water.  City ordinance prohibits fishing from bridges.  Swimming and boating in lakes and canals are also prohibited by ordinance.

Who handles the maintenance in my community?

Besides the lakes, the City does not maintain the infrastructure or properties within the private communities.  Please contact your homeowner association or property manager for information on maintenance questions. 

List of Homeowner Association and Property Management Contacts (PDF)

Who maintains the lakes?

The City of Weston maintains the majority of the water bodies/lakes located inside private communities, with the exception of a small number that are privately owned.  For questions or concerns on lake maintenance, please call the Public Works Department at 954-385-2600.

Can I park my commercial vehicle at home?  Can I store my boat in my yard?

Commercial vehicles and marine vessels are not allowed to be permanently parked at residential properties unless they are located in a fully enclosed garage.  Such vehicles are only allowed on a temporary basis for unloading/loading, cleaning (in the case of marine vessels) and during delivery of services (such as installations or repairs) at a residence.

Are there limitations/restrictions on Seasonal Decorations in Commercial areas ?

Decorations in non-residential areas relating to seasonal activities may be permitted, provided that:

  • Such displays may be exhibited only during nationally recognized holiday periods
  • Such displays shall emit no noise, sound, or music
  • Such displays shall not flash or blink
  • Such displays shall contain no commercial message
  • Such displays shall be taken down within three days after the season ends


Barking Dogs/Noisy Animals

It is prohibited to have any animal that causes frequent or continued loud and raucous noise.

Must all dogs be on leashes?

All dogs in public must be kept on leashes while in the public.

Picking Up After Dogs is the Law

All excrement must be picked up.  VIEW FLYER.

What can I do about turkey vultures?

Turkey vultures are protected by federal law and cannot be eradicated or relocated. 

Contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture for additional information and resources.

Who do I call about an alligator?

If you spot an alligator in Weston, please contact Alligator Control at 866-392-4286 between 8 AM - 5 PM or 561-357-4200 after hours.  Only nuisance alligators can be removed.  All other animals, dead or alive, must be removed through a private vendor.