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Code Citations

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Please Note: The Special Magistrate Hearing for July 9, 2020 has been canceled. 

The Code Enforcement Division routinely inspects residential and commercial properties.  If it is determined that a violation of Weston’s Code of Ordinances exists, a notice of violation is issued by a Code inspector.  A resident can also report a complaint by calling the Code Enforcement Division at 954-385-0500.  If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector will issue a notice of violation.

Overview of Code Citation Process

  1. If a violation is alleged to exist, written notice is provided to the property owner and a reasonable amount of time (dependent upon the violation) is provided to correct the violation.  If the violation is corrected, the process ends here.

  2. If the violation continues beyond the time specified for correction, the violator is scheduled for a hearing before the Special Magistrate.  Written notice of the meeting is provided to the property owner.  Special Magistrate Hearing procedures are outlined in Code 31.21 of the Weston Code of Ordinances.

    The Clerk for the Special Magistrate can be contacted at 954-385-0500.  Hearings are held at Weston City Hall in the City Commission Chambers, 17200 Royal Palm Boulevard.

  3. The Special Magistrate may require the violator to pay a fine, not to exceed $1,000 per day, for each day that the violation continues past the date set for compliance.  In the case of a repeat violation, the Special Magistrate may order the repeat violator to pay a fine not to exceed $5,000 a day, for each day the repeat violation continues past the date of notice of the repeat violation. Upon a finding that the violation is irreparable or irreversible in nature, the Special Magistrate may order the violator to pay a fine not to exceed $15,000 per violation.  In addition to such fines, the Special Magistrate may impose additional fines to cover all costs incurred by the City in enforcing its Codes and all costs or repairs.

Special Magistrate

In the City of Weston, a Special Magistrate hears those matters that he/she is empowered and authorized to hear and rule upon, under Florida Statutes Chapter 162, for violations occurring within the City.  The Special Magistrate has the authority to impose administrative fines and other non-criminal penalties, in addition to the implementation of supplemental code enforcement procedures, to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective, and inexpensive method of enforcing the City's Code of Ordinances.

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