The Fire Department is testing fire hydrants in the following area today:

  • Saddle Club Estates within Ranch Road, Paddock Lane and Saddle Lane

 Residents may notice a drop in pressure and yellow water when the tap is first turned on.  Let the water run until it runs clear.

Open Government / Ethics

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The Broward County Ordinance entitled "The Elected Official Code of Ethics" governs the conduct of members of the Board of County Commissioners and all elected officials in Broward's 31 municipalities, including Weston.  Enforcement of the Code of Ethics is the responsibility of the Broward County Office of Inspector General.

Broward County Code of Ethics Ordinance

In response to the Broward County Code of Ethics, the Weston City Commission adopted Ordinance No. 2011-16, amending the City's Municipal Code of Ordinances to provide consistency with the County's amended ordinance.