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Pursuant to Weston’s City Charter, the City operates under a Commission-Manager form of government.  The City Commission, comprised of the Mayor and four Commissioners, functions as the legislative branch of the government and the City Manager is the executive branch.

The City Commission enacts Ordinances, the laws of the City, adopts Resolutions authorizing actions on behalf of the City, reviews plans for development, and establishes the policies by which the City is governed.  The City Commission hires the City Attorney, and hires the City Manager who then hires all subordinate employees.

The Mayor is the ceremonial leader of the City, the presiding officer at Commission meetings and is a voting member of the Commission, with his/her vote having no more or less weight than that of any other member of the Commission.  While the leading political figure of the City, the Mayor does not bear the responsibility nor have the authority of directing the day-to-day municipal activities.  Upon authorization of the City Commission, the Mayor executes all documents on behalf of the City, and represents the City to other public and private entities.  The position of Mayor is considered to be "part-time" and is not an employee of the City.

City Commissioners each have the same authority and ability to bring matters before the Commission for discussion and vote.  The position of Commissioner is considered to be "part-time" and not an employee of the City.  Each Commissioner is elected at-large to a four-year term.  Pursuant to the Charter, each must reside in a specific geographic seat area, yet all voters in Weston can vote for each Commission seat.

All regular meetings of the City Commission are held at Weston City Hall, 17200 Royal Palm Boulevard, generally on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.

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