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Prepared to Navigate an Emergency: Way-finding Signage Phase II

Cypress Bay High School

Post Date:08/08/2019 4:51 PM

 Way-Finding Signage Phase II Complete

Almost exactly one year ago, the City completed installation of way-finding signage on the streets surrounding Cypress Bay and Falcon Cove Middle School Campuses, detailing the numerous entrances, exits, parking lots and bus loops. 

As of August 7, 2019, each building on the Cypress Bay campus has a highly visible number and main locations within the campus are identified by name such as the gym and auditorium.  Each building has a plaque with a detailed floor plan including room numbers. 

All of these initiatives were undertaken after reviewing after-action reports from mass casualty incidents and realizing that in an emergency, many first responders come from outside the area and are not familiar with the location they are responding to.  In this instance, even for those that are familiar with the campus, it is much easier to communicate to others if everyone is using the same numbering system.

For parents who may not be aware of this fact, all Weston deputies and firefighters do tours of each and every school within the City each year to familiarize themselves with each location. 


August 2018:

Way-Finding signage was installed in public rights-of-way in the vicinity of Cypress Bay High School to easily and quickly identify previously unidentified access points to the school.  This will assist students, parents and visitors to the school and its many functions and events.  It will also enable first responders from areas outside the City to more quickly navigate the area with certainty upon arrival.  

The numbering and labeling of gates and entrances avails everyone of any easy way to communicate location - in any situation.

The City is also working with Cypress Bay Principal, Scott Neely to improve way-finding within the campus for first responders.  This will be installed once the School Board has completed the painting of the buildings on the high school campus which is underway.