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Weston Mayor was Positive for Coronavirus - Now tests Negative

Post Date:04/06/2020 11:29 AM

Weston Mayor Daniel J. Stermer Tests Positive for COVID-19

Daniel Stermer (Thumb)

Weston Mayor Daniel J. Stermer advised the members of the City Commission, Department Heads and City Hall staff on Sunday evening, April 6 that he has tested positive for the Coronavirus.  Mayor Stermer began feeling under the weather late Tuesday afternoon, March 31 and began self-quarantine at that time. He experienced serious fatigue and severe headaches and eye pain with occasional night sweats, but in general nothing that would wake him from his sleep.

As of today, the Mayor is in good spirits, and generally feeling well. He does not have a fever and has a slight cough, which he tends to get at this seasonal time of year.  His headaches and eye pain are gone, and he is not experiencing shortness of breath or chest pain. He feels very fortunate.

Mayor Stermer took the COVID-19 test at the Cleveland Clinic Drive-Thru facility in Weston on April 2 and received the results on Sunday that he was positive.  “I was advised that I should continue to remain at home, in stronger self-quarantine, until at least Tuesday, April 14,” stated the Mayor. 

Mayor Stermer asked about those he was in contact with, whether home, at work or at City Hall, and anyone's need to get tested.  He was advised that only if someone exhibits at least one of the following symptoms should they then get tested:  fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

Asked what he wants the community to take away from this, the Mayor responded, “that this virus can happen to anyone, anyplace, anytime - social distancing and proper hygiene are imperative and must be followed - this is not a game and it can impact you regardless of how young or old you are - a few days now can save your life.”

For additional information on Coronavirus and impacts within the community, please click here


Mayor Stermer thanks everyone for their well wishes and looks forward to getting back out and about in the community and thanking you himself. 

Friday Evening Update - April 17 


Friday, April 17 

As this business week comes to a close, I am very mindful of those businesses that remain open and those that are not.  This crisis has cause untolled harm to our local business community and their employees and their families.  This is a difficult time for us all and we need to be mindful of extra burdens that may be placed upon some of our neighbors and the stresses and concerns that have been created due to no fault of theirs.  I would ask that each of us check in on our neighbors, wearing masks and gloves and practicing social distancing and related protocols, to see if there is something we could do for them.   This is a time when we can teach our children and their friends how to give a hand to those who may need it and how do to so compassionately; these can and will be lifelong lessons that they will remember and will hopefully open their eyes and minds to things they did not see or think about before.   You never know when your neighbor may need it and your reaching out could come at a critical time for them - we are one community.

Today is my day to get retested - I am anxious and hopeful that my test will come back negative.  I continue to have no fever, no aches/pains, no breathing issues, but still have my dry nagging cough.  I continue to have a good appetite and have no loss of smell or taste.  I am hydrating and taking vitamins and supplements and continue to remain in my bedroom separated from Zach and Jaclyn but for when we interact wearing our PPE including masks and gloves.  I can't wait to be able to hug and hold them - one of the toughest things is being so close yet so far from them;  but this is necessary and responsible and they do not let me forget what I need to do and how to do it properly.

An amazing number of good things were accomplished across our community this week with more to come later today and I anticipate that there is more to come next week and in the weeks to come.   Please recognize and thank those who protect and care for us every day as you never know when they may come to your aid, whether police, fire, healthcare professional, and others who keep our City moving forward every day.

We also need to take a moment to think about those among us who are fighting this virus and/or have lost loved ones to it.  None of us know if or when we may contract it until symptoms appear or we are tested; for many, this could be too late.  I think every day about those who have lost their struggle and think about them and their families - please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Thursday, April 16:

As the sun rises this Thursday morning, I am thankful and hopeful for our community that we all are doing our part to reduce/prevent community spread of this virus.  Many of our residents have heeded the Safer At Home orders issued and have also followed the face mask guidance issued recently - these are important for ALL OF US and while they may cause inconvenience, they are for your and our health and well-being.  The publicly available data shows that the number of positive tests for Weston residents continues to rise - we recognize that the data is a few days aged but it does show that we, as a community, continue to have more positive tests. Please do your and your family's part by continuing to remain at home but for those instances where you must go to an Essential Business or to exercise, and should you do either please wear your mask, as appropriate.  This is our reality which is different from places you may hear/see in the news. Stay connected with the City by visiting our website and all of our communication channels - they are updated regularly.

I continue to remain stable with my only symptom being a dry, lingering cough. I have no fever, aches, pains, or breathing issues. I am so lucky. I continue to hydrate, take my vitamins and other holistic remedies and some cough drops/medicine.  Zach and Jac continue to help me every day, and we continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene, and wearing masks and gloves when we interact.  While I sometimes forget, they are quick to remind me.  We continue to separate all of the glasses, mugs, plates, and silverware that I am using and they are putting my stuff in a separate sink so it doesn't mix with theirs.  I am truly thankful and lucky for them both.

I took my test two weeks ago today and I remain hopeful that my next test will result in a negative result - fingers and toes crossed. 

I continue to receive many positive and heart warming messages from our community - to each of you I am very thankful, appreciative, and moved by each of them - WE are WEston.

Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Wednesday, April 15:

Welcome to #ShineInWhite Wednesday and I hope that you recognize our healthcare professionals and others on the front line by wearing white, wearing a white ribbon, or wrapping a white ribbon around a tree/mailbox/on your front door.  Your joining us in this effort would be, and is, so appreciated by those who look sickness and pain in the face every day and do so with the same devotion, commitment, and caring as before the virus became a pandemic.  While healthcare professionals training teaches them to be selfless, doing so under these circumstances is truly remarkable and #ShineInWhite is just a small way to show our appreciation and support for them as they look into the face of Covid-19 every day and come back for more the next day.  Please join me in thanking them all.

I am now 15 days into my sickness and my symptoms remain limited as I no longer have a fever, have no aches or pains anywhere, and do not have any chest or breathing issues.  I continue to have this darn dry lingering cough so I have added some natural supplements to try and reduce it.  Thanks Love, I am continuing to take my vitamins and hydrate continuously, my appetite is just fine and I have no issues with taste or smell.  I am truly lucky and know that others are not as fortunate as I am - I think about that lots!!!

I cannot stress enough the importance that everyone follow all of the Emergency Orders that are in place including Safer At Home, wearing face coverings, and practicing social distancing in groups of less than 10.   The data shows us that our local numbers continue to rise, so we cannot let our guard down.  While the virus will do what it wishes, we can do our part by staying home, practicing good hygiene, and reducing the chance of community spread by being smart.  While staying at home every day can become frustrating and stressful, it is an easy and small price to pay in order to help yourself and the community reduce the chance of spread - your life could depend upon it!!! 

 Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Tuesday, April 14:

We have shown through our precautions and actions that we can reduce the chance of spread through social distancing and wearing protective gear - we need to remain vigilant and committed to our efforts to stay apart and wear coverings when we do need to go out, even for a walk or run. You never know when you may get close to someone else walking/running.  We need to be mindful that other parts of our country may be ahead of us and their circumstances may be different than ours so we all need to focus on local data and information.  Please continue to focus on local orders and practices and protocols as your guide to what is and what is not allowed. The City has and will continue to update our website and all of our communications channels with current information and data and resources for our community.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation during this challenging time.

I felt my first symptoms two weeks ago today when I came home from work and was exhausted and had head/eye aches that continued until the next Sunday.  Since that Sunday, I have had no fever, no aches or pains, and no breathing issues.  I have had and continue to have, a lingering dry cough but I only have it while I am upright, not when I sleep.  I continue to take my vitamins and hydrate lots.  I try my hardest to not lay flat on my back as this virus likes when you do that so it can ravage your lungs.  Sleeping on my side has become my new normal.

I would ask you to take an extra minute if you see one of our First Responders and/or Healthcare Providers to say thank you for all they are doing during this pandemic .  They are truly our local heroes and they should be recognized for such and one small way is to say thank you.  They appreciate it more than you know.

Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Monday, April 13:

As we start another week of social distancing and remain under Safer At Home Orders, I am mindful of the strain that this is placing on our neighbors every hour of the day - we are a mobile community and are not used to being in such close quarters, even with our families and loved ones for such an extended period of time - while we may be confined to our homes, finding your "personal" space is so important whether you use it to read a book, listen to music, rest, or just distance inside your home - I hope each of you finds "your" space and can have some quiet time to think, reflect, rest, pray, or just sit quietly - while we stress being physically healthy we also need to be mentally healthy and that is just as important during this tense and strenuous time.

If you need to talk to someone, there are resources available to do so - just check for available resources that are at your disposal.

While we social distance from one another, doing so within our homes is just as important - my symptoms started last Tuesday and I was tested on Thursday and got results last Sunday - in my home we immediately distanced from one another, with me being generally confined to my bedroom and I could only come out if I was wearing a mask and gloves - Jaclyn and Zachary would come to my door with a mask and gloves as appropriate - we have not sat next to each other and had a meal together since last Monday - they separate my dishes, glasses, cups, and silverware and use a different sink - this all paid off as Jaclyn's test came back negative - I'm so happy that she did not contract the virus yet has taken care of me every day and has interacted with me but in a smart and safe manner - while I still have this lingering dry cough, we are not letting our guard down until I test negative.

It's so important that everyone understand that we can impact the spread of this virus and following the social distancing and proper hygiene and wearing masks/gloves as appropriate can be very meaningful on blunting the spread - while it may be inconvenient and uncomfortable, your life could depend upon it - its a small give in the scheme of things.

Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Sunday, April 12:

Happy Easter Sunday to every Weston family celebrating this joyous day and marking the end of this holy period. May your day be filled with love, joy, and immediate family, but no extended family or friends unless by Zoom or some other electronic method .  While we are used to egg painting and hunts, sharing jelly beans, and peeps, we should celebrate our health and those who are important and closest to us during this time.  We are truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for - while this pandemic has caused significant impacts on each of our lives, we should take this time to take stock in our homes and our families and reconnect more deeply and significantly.

I continue to have a lingering dry cough but only when I am upright and not when I am sleeping or laying down - but I am trying my hardest to not be on my back as this virus loves it when you are.  I continue to have no fever, pain , aches or difficult breathing.  Day 8 of my feeling better is filled with promise for another good day.

I am mindful and always thinking about those who have not been as lucky as me and send my sympathies to the families of those who paid the ultimate price - having lost my Dad recently I know how hard this time must be. 

Lastly, I must commend and thank all of our First Responders and Medical Professionals who are on the front line protecting us and fighting for us.  We are practicing social distancing while you run to those who need you - GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Until tomorrow -  be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Saturday, April 11:

A quiet start to this lovely Saturday morning - sitting having a cup of coffee thinking about all that has happened since I had my first symptoms and where I am today.   While I am physically feeling much better, I am still moved by the outpouring of support, care, and love from our community. There are many stories that I have heard/watched ,that one of the tougher parts of this is the mental part - your mind has so much time to wander and think about things that you normally don't nor should you.  I continue to feel physically well but for this darn lingering dry cough but my mind has taken me to dark and scary places, I then snap out of it and think about all that I have to be grateful for and those that love and support me, not only today but every day.  For that I am so thankful and humbled and blessed. 

Everyone should know that while I may be in isolation physically, I am in constant contact with our City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Communications Staff, and City Clerk, as well as Cleveland Clinic and Mayors across our County, as we all continue to do our best to navigate our way through this unprecedented time.  I was in contact with residents the other night and yesterday morning about the brush fire and its being taken under control.  Rest assured that your City has and continues to be open for business and constantly reviewing and analyzing what may come next and plan for it, hopefully before the need arises 

The City Commission will be having a virtual workshop Monday night where I will preside over the meeting - please visit for details on the workshop. 

Again, thank you to all who have reached out directly or through others to ask how I'm doing - from the bottom of my heart:  THANK YOU ALL!!! 

Until tomorrow - be safe - be healthy - be strong. . .

Friday, April 10: 

As Good Friday is upon is and the 2nd Seder is in our rear view mirror, I want to strongly encourage every Weston family to fully understand the times we are in and forego your normal family gatherings this holiday season.  My kids and I had a small, intimate Seder with me sitting some 10 feet away from them through a screen door and me wearing my mask.  Friends used Zoom and other programs.  With Easter Sunday approaching, there will be a desire to get family and friends together and celebrate.  Please resist this urge and visit with friends/others electronically - a  small sacrifice in distance can save your life!!!  It's worth it!!!

I'm feeling good this Friday morning and still have no fever aches pains or breathing issues - this nagging dry cough lingers so I am taking some cough syrup and drops to try and keep it in check - I'm drinking plenty of fluids and taking my vitamins and trying to keep my lungs expanded and working properly.

I am imploring each of you to continue to practice social distancing and proper hygiene.  If you have to go out to an Essential Business that is open to the public, PLEASE wear a mask or other face covering - you are keeping yourself safe as well as others - everyone needs to be responsible for how they act - your life and the lives of your neighbors could depend upon it.

Until tomorrow. . .be safe - be healthy - be smart. . .

Thursday, April 9: 

As the sun rises this Thursday morning, I feel good and stable at the start of Day 5 of my feeling better It's glorious to watch the sun stream through my window and watch the trees sway.  It is amazing how much we don't value where we live and can walk every day until you are quarantined in your room - so close yet so far.   I do not have a fever or any aches/pains today, at least so far, and I still do have this nagging dry cough.  I am hydrating and taking my vitamins, so trying to do what I can to keep on a positive trajectory.  I have heard from many about others who were like me and then backslid some.   I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed - keeping my spirits up as best I can and everyone's messages, prayers, and outreach are so appreciated.  My kids are truly amazing as we all work through this and I couldn't do this without them.

I would ask that you all keep our First Responders and healthcare professionals in your thoughts and prayers today and every day.  They respond when we call and they do not know what they will encounter - it could be hazardous to their well being.  Please be mindful of interacting with them and please communicate if you have any issues or concerns - they need to know!!!

Until tomorrow. . .be safe - be healthy - be smart. . . 

Wednesday, April 8:

Today is Day 4 of my feeling better and I sit with my fingers and toes crossed as I have heard stories that how I feel could change at a moment's notice or without any notice - I am taking nothing for granted so I am continuing to hydrate, eat, take vitamins, and do some exercise in my bedroom which is also my gym/restaurant/office/tv studio and rest area.  I have not had a fever or any aches/pains since late last week and am very thankful for that .  I still have this nagging cough but have no chest pain or difficulty in breathing .  My Son Zach and Daughter Jaclyn have been amazing and have taken great care to make sure I am well and providing me everything I need - I love you very much.   Adam makes sure he FaceTime's me every day and brightens my day from Tallahassee - a Father couldn't ask for anything more!!!

I would be remiss if I didn't extend my thoughts and prayers to our neighbors and their families who have not been as lucky as I am - please know that I think about you and your families constantly - there does not appear to be a clear reason why this attacks one of us as compared to another and each one of us is at risk - there but for the grace go I.

Please join me and the City in our #ShineInWhite campaign which honors all of our front line professionals on Wednesdays - wear white - wear a white ribbon - wrap a white ribbon around a tree - light up your home in white light - IT'S SIMPLE!!!

 Until tomorrow. . . .be safe - be healthy - be smart. . . 



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