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View Presentation Materials from FAA Workshop in Weston

Post Date:01/22/2020 11:42 AM

On Dec. 17, 2019 the FAA held an Informational Meeting & Public Workshop in Weston.  Michael O'Hara, FAA Regional Administrator and others made a brief presentation which included a PowerPoint followed by a separate public workshop. Attendees at the workshop were able to interact and meet individually with air traffic experts, and view graphic displays related to air traffic control procedures over the Broward County area.

Recommendations were given requesting and encouraging controllers to not descend below three-thousand feet, traffic permitting, until the arrival aircraft is ten miles from FLL on approach, when only one runway is being used as the primary arrival runway on an East configuration.  

Circumstances will warrant planes flying lower and, though obviously weather is one  reason we can all easily see and accept, there will be other reasons why a particular aircraft is at a lower altitude and we won’t know the circumstances.

The northern runway (10L) is still not fully operational due to the ongoing taxiway work that is taking place.  We were told by Regional and National officials that the work on the northern runway should be completed by Spring/mid-March.

The best visual to view is below:  You will see that on approach to FLL, planes are at their highest altitude when over Weston, than when over all other communities in Broward as planes descend to land at FLL.  

FAA_Instrument_Approach map over weston 

Provided here is link to the FAA website and their PowerPoint Presentation and Boards. 

Collage of photos of people and presenters from the FAA workshop on DEC 17, 2019 in Weston City Hall





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