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Bike (and Drive) Safely, Weston

Post Date:12/05/2018


Bike Lanes


December in South Florida brings about an increase in vehicular traffic. Visitors come for the great weather, or to visit with family and friends for the holidays. In addition to the additional cars on the road, drivers may be more distracted as they hurry off to holiday events, shopping or other errands in preparation for holiday celebrations. The weather is also perfect for a bike ride throughout Weston.  Whether riding in a group or alone, for training or for fun, or driving a vehicle, take time to learn and be aware of the rules of the road to ensure for everyone's safety.   

Did you know that Florida law classifies bicycles as vehicles? Cyclists have the same resposibilities and legal obligations as the driver of a motor vehicle.  This means that we must share the road safely, not just here in Weston, but anywhere we drive or ride.

Learn more on our Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety page.


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