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BSO holds Safety Training at Cypress Bay on October 19th

Post Date:10/22/2018

Broward Sheriff’s Office held an onsite training day at Cypress Bay High School on Friday October 19th.  Cypress Bay faculty and staff were asked to join for a thorough presentation about procedures needed to be taken to ensure both student and faculty safety. 

The presentation was followed by an active simulation where the faculty and staff would be placed under a Code Red Scenario.  From then, the staff was to follow procedure before BSO arrived on scene.  Throughout the simulation, police personnel from surrounding cities, such as Plantation, were in the classrooms aiding faculty and staff to ensure that procedures were followed. 

Chief Butler, Weston’s Police Chief, was also onsite providing faculty and staff assurance that the BSO Weston District was prepared for any emergency, should one arise. 

 Cypress BSO
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