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CodeRED- Sign up for Weston CodeRED Emergency Only Notifications

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WHAT IT IS:  CodeRED is a high-speed telephone communication service for emergency only notifications.  This system allows the City to send critical communications in an emergency situation that requires immediate action.

Capable of dialing the entire City within minutes, CodeRED delivers a message from the City Manager’s office describing the emergency and instructions for action.  You may also receive texts and/or email alerts.

Register both your HOME and CELL phones

ALREADY SIGNED UP? To opt for the text message and/or email alerts, or to add or change a phone number including cell phones, please revisit the CodeRED registration page and enter your information.

PRIVACY:  Your contact information remains private and used for critical communications.

THIS SYSTEM WILL ONLY BE USED FOR EMERGENCY AND LIFE SAFETY PURPOSES SUCH AS: Drinking water contamination, extended utility outages, evacuation notices, missing person, fires, floods, hurricanes, bomb threats, hostage situations, chemical spills or gas leaks, and other incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety. 


**Calls received from the CodeRED system come up on caller I.D. as 999-999-9999.  If you see this number, please do not disconnect.