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Peace Mound Park Improvements - Questions and Answers - UPDATED PLANS






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Why is the City making changes to Peace Mound Park?

For the past several years the City has been systematically reviewing all of its facilities to assure accessibility for all and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This review was promulgated by an accessibility lawsuit brought against the City citing one of the City’s facilities.  The City has already made numerous accessibility and compliance accommodations at its many facilities.  Peace Mound Park is the last facility to be addressed to assure accessibility for all and ADA compliance.

Peace Mound Park has many accessibility challenges, including parking, walkways, and play areas, all caused by the existing topography.  In order to overcome these challenges, parking areas will need to have handicap parking stalls meeting grade, slope, and striping requirements; walkways will need to meet grade and crossslope requirements; play areas will need to meet equipment and surface requirements.  All of these requirements necessitate modifications to the existing topography.

Were the Tequesta residents notified of the proposed changes?

Yes.   At the June 20, 2012 meeting of the Tequesta HOA the City staff made a presentation. Notice of the meeting was done by the HOA. Approximately 30 residents were in attendance.

At the July 2, 2012 meeting of the City Commission the City staff made a presentation. The item was listed on the City Commission agenda and several residents spoke on the matter.

Are the trees going to be affected?

Yes. In order to achieve the modifications in topography necessary to provide for accessibility for all and ADA compliance, many trees will be affected in several different ways. The very large trees will remain in place, and where needed, tree wells will be constructed around them to accommodate adjacent topographic modifications.   Many trees will be temporarily relocated offsite during construction and replaced onsite upon completion of the topographic modifications.  Trees that are weak, damaged, diseased, and/or may pose a risk to park visitors will be permanently removed consistent with City and county tree preservation codes.  
Many new trees will be planted.   The following quantifies the tree impacts, with an appreciable increase in the number of shade trees:
Current number of trees: 503 (208 shade, 93 accent and 202 palm); Number of trees upon completion: 554 (259 shade, 93 accent and 202 palm)

Who owns Three Village Road from Indian Trace to the Tequesta gatehouse?

Three Village Road between Indian Trace and the Tequesta gatehouse is a public rightofway owned and maintained by the City of Weston.

How is the parking going to be affected?

The existing eight space parking lot will be removed.   A new 11 space (nine spaces plus two handicap spaces) parking lot will be constructed to the south (further from the gatehouse) and will be able to be secured at night.

Two parallel parking segments will be constructed on Three Village Road in the same manner as the City constructed on Country Isles Road adjacent to Country Isles Park, all with brick pavers. The first segment will  begin approximately 100 feet north of Indian Trace and have 10 spaces (nine spaces plus one handicap), and the second segment will be to the north of the first segment and have seven spaces.

This parking configuration will eliminate grass swale parking, and the resultant damage and poor appearance caused by such parking, and enable park visitors to park near their destination of the Indian mound, the fishing bridge, or the play area.

A total of 28 parking spaces will be provided.

Is there going to be a restroom?


Is the archaeological site going to be preserved?

Yes.  The City is working directly with the original archaeological expert who worked with Arvida when the park was developed to assure that the site is preserved. New interpretive plaques will be included to educate park visitors as to the historical value and importance of the Indian burial ground.

Is there going to be a shelter?

Yes.  The two existing shelters will be removed and replaced with one shelter approximately 30’ x 30’ feet that will provide refuge from sun and rain, and a space for picnics accommodating four picnic tables.

Will there be new play equipment?

Yes.   The old, outdated play equipment and surface will be replaced with ADA compliant equipment and surface, along with fabric cover, as has been provided in the City’s other parks.

Will the park have elevations and contours when completed?

Yes.   The existing elevations and contours will be modified onsite to be less severe so as to accommodate accessibility for all and ADA compliance. There will be no net loss of fill.

Will a walk route from the community to Indian Trace be maintained during construction?


How long will the project take?

Construction is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2013 and take approximately 9 months to complete.  In order to reduce construction time, the pruning of some of the trees’ roots may start sooner to ensure their survival once relocated to their final destination.  Likewise, the removal of any trees in poor quality or posing potential hazards may be addressed with more immediacy because of the risks they pose.