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Cyclists : Please Observe All Traffic Laws


Weston motor/traffic units will enforce bike lane laws which provide for no more than two persons side-by-side within the lane and staying within the bike lane when there are other vehicles on the roadway

Please obey all traffic control devicesCyclists must obey all applicable traffic control devices such as traffic signals, signs and markings.  Know and use proper hand signals when turning and be especially cautious when passing through intersections.  The Broward Sheriff’s Office will enforce traffic laws for cyclists in the same manner that they do for motorized vehicles.

Florida Bicycle Regulations:  

  • A bicyclist must obey all traffic controls and signals.
  • Cyclists must meet the state lighting equipment standards as of 1/1/13 which include: Bikes in use from sunset to sunrise must have a lamp emitting a white light on the front visible from a min. of 500 feet and a lamp and reflector on the rear. 
  • At least one hand must be kept on the handlebars while riding.
  • Parents and guardians must not knowingly allow a child or minor ward to violate any provisions of this section.
  • Every bicycle must be equipped with a brake or brakes which allow the rider to stop within 25 feet from a speed of 10 miles per hour on dry, level, clean pavement.