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The City of Weston contracts with the consulting engineering, surveying and planning firm of Calvin, Giordano and Associates, Inc., for development services, which include Planning and Zoning, Engineering, Tree Preservation and Traffic Engineering.

Planning and Zoning services include the creation of and the modification to the City ordinances that regulate development within the City, and the review of all plans for new development or modifications to existing development for compliance with the City's applicable ordinances. The purpose of Planning and Zoning is to establish and enforce development criteria such as setbacks, building heights, landscaping, and signs, to assure that Weston's unique appearance is preserved. All plans for development, whether it be a new building, the modification of or addition to an existing building, the addition of items such as swimming pools, fences and screens, and signs, require the review and approval of Planning and Zoning prior to the application for a building permit.

The purpose of Engineering is to establish and enforce infrastructure criteria such as water, sewer, paving and drainage, and to archive and catalog this infrastructure within the City's GIS (Geographic Information System). All plans for new, or modifications to existing water lines, sewer lines, roadways and sidewalks, and drainage systems require an Engineering Permit.
Traffic Engineering services include the creation of and modification to the City ordinances that regulate parking criteria as it relates to development, and the performance of studies to determine when and where traffic control devices are warranted.

**NEW: The City of Weston now provides a simple way to research land use, zoning and flood plain information within the City of Weston. These maps are not for official use; for varification of the zoning or land use on a property please contact the Development Services Department.
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The Broward County Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division, in partnership with the City of Weston, Florida, is now offering two new programs for Weston residents:

» Down Payment Assistance
» Home Repair Assistance

» Home Purchase Assistance & Housing Rehabilitation Program

Funds for this program are limited and applicants will be served on a first come, first qualified basis as of Nov. 2015. Please visit the Broward County Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division website for details and applications.

City of Weston Comprehensive Plan – a/k/a “Comp Plan”

Adopted by the 1985 Florida Legislature, The Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act also known as Florida's Growth Management Act - requires all of Florida's 67 counties and 410 municipalities to adopt Local Government Comprehensive Plans that guide future growth and development.

Comprehensive plans contain chapters or "elements" that address future land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, coastal management, conservation, recreation and open space, intergovernmental coordination, and capital improvements.

» City of Weston Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
» Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization:
» Broward Complete Streets Initiative:
» Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport South Runway FAQs (PDF)